Mr. Alvin Kwock


  • Alvin Kwock is the Founder & CEO of OneDegree. OneDegree is a technology company with a goal to be the next generation leader in the insurance industry. It is one of the few digital insurer candidates in Hong Kong that embraces digital process end-to-end. It also crosses over with leading global partners in insurance and health in piloting new technology and experience. Alvin is a member of United Nations ESCAP's Banking and Finance Task Force, Hong Kong Insurance Authority's Future Task Force and CUHK Business School’s Advisory Committee for several programs in the Department of Finance.
  • Alvin was JPM’s Asia-Pacific Head of Emerging Technology and Taiwan Head of Research. Under Alvin’s leadership, JPM’s Asia Tech Hardware team has been consistently rated in the Institutional Investors Poll, Financial Times/ Starmine and Asiamoney. He advised a number of global technology powerhouse and venture capitals, and served as a guest lecturer at universities. He was the co-founder and Chief Business Officer at an Augmented Reality start-up.
  • Alvin holds a MA degree in Social Science and a BA degree in Economics, both from the University of Chicago.
  • 郭彥麟為OneDegree創辦人兼行政總裁。成立於2016年,OneDegree致力成為亞洲新世代保險業領導者的科技公司。除了是香港首數家完全數位化保險流程的保險科技公司,OneDegree同時還與保險和健康領域的全球領導者合作,提供新技術和絕佳用戶體驗。郭彥麟是聯合國亞洲及太平洋經濟社會委員會的銀行及金融專責小組成員,也是香港保險業監管局的未來發展專責小組的一員。
  • 郭彥麟曾於2004-2015年在摩根大通擔任重要高階主管職務,包括亞太新興科技研究部主管和台灣研究部主管, 團隊屢獲殊榮,至2015年離開摩根大通後開始創業。
  • 郭彥麟擁有芝加哥大學經濟系學士學位、社會科學碩士學位。