Application Instructions

Please note that “Save & Resume” feature is not available in the application portal. Therefore, you cannot come back at a later date/time to complete and submit the application, but you have to complete it from the beginning to the end at once. Before proceeding to submit an online application, you are strongly recommended to prepare the following:
  1. Team Information including
    1. General Information
    2. Summary of venture/project (400 words or less)
    3. Short Essay Questions
        1. What are the key pain points (needs) that your venture/project/team is addressing? (50 words or less)
        2. Who has the pain points (needs) - or -who is your target user or customer? (50 words or less)
        3. How are you working to solve that need? Where are you so far in the process? (100 words or less)
        4. What are people already doing to address this need? What competition exists? What makes you different and unique? (50 words or less)
        5. What are the backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses of your team? What are the synergy among teammates and advisors (if any)?(100 words or less)
        6. In The Deep Tech Venture Launch Program, your team will attend seven classroom sessions, complete required assignments, meet with mentors, and practice fundamental entrepreneurial skills outside of the classroom. Describe your level of commitment to this process and how it will help your team. (100 words or less)
        7. In what areas does your team need the most support or improvement? (100 words or less)
      Please not that questions should be answered with brief and simple descriptions. Where possible, avoid using scientific or technological jargon.
  2. General information of team lead or main contact (also team members if any), including biography
  3. Additional information (optional)
    1. Is there anything else about your team you would like us to know?
    2. If you have any additional teammate beyond four, list them below. (first name, middle name, last name, preferred name, email address)
    3. If you would like to share further information about your teammates or your idea, please upload documents, or presentations (as a single PDF), here. You are not required to create a presentation for this application.

Program fee

HK$20,000 per team for 1 or 2 member (s) HK$25,000 per team for 3 members

Payment method

Program fees have to be settled within 3 working days upon receipt of admission confirmation, either by cheque or bank transfer.